We offer the following firearms training and defensive tactics:

  • Security Consulting - Schools, Churches, etc.
  • LEO Training
  • Force On Force Training and Scenarios
  • Civilian Firearms Training

About Us



We have a dedicated staff of instructors that have a wide variety of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, SWAT and NRA Civilian Instructors.  Our goal is to educate our students in firearm safety, operation and ultimately assist them in becoming more confident, proficient and responsible gun owners.



DTA will educate citizens in gun safety, firearm function, manipulation and responsible gun ownership to become more proficient and responsible armed citizens. We also offer tactical training and defensive tactics.


Safety First

DTA will teach and follow the 4 universal Firearm Safety Rules.  Safety is of the utmost importance and will be practiced and enforced without question in all training sessions, range time and scenarios.  



Civilian Courses

Whether you are a beginner or wanting a refresher course on firearms, it is imperative to learn the basics and practice them.  These courses will introduce or re-familiarize you to the fundamentals of shooting and help you to become a responsible Armed Citizen!


Home Defense

This course is designed to familiarize you in defending your family and home as a responsible Armed Citizen.  

 Reality based training conducted at MTAC Indoor Shoothouse. 


Security Consultation

Providing consultation, threat assessment, security team and protocol for your Church, School, Business and Organization

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DTA-Defensive & Tactical Applications, LLC

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